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It doesn't get any better. Five hours with senior Instructors on Friday, a five hour workshop on Saturday, and a second five hour session on Sunday. Surrounded by eager students hanging on his every word Wing Chun Master Beau Bouzaid barely paused for breath as he gave each participant personal hands on guidance interspersed with tales of his most recent training experiences in Hong Kong.


Add in class visits on the eve of his arrival and again on the eve of his departure - when an impromptu workshop extended the class by almost an hour, and a picture begins to emerge of an entertaining perpetual motion human dynamo.


Known for his dynamic yet simple demonstrations it's no wonder the workshops were oversubscribed, but we did our best to fit everyone in. And fit everyone in we did! Speaking to participants at the close of the workshops it seems that everyone left with at least one gain in their understanding of Wing Chun and plenty to work on.


One common denominator: Everyone expressed interest in another workshop with the indomitable Wing Chun Master, Beau Bouzaid.

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