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There's no such thing as a stupid question - until it's been asked

three times Kevin Earle

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Kevin & Grasshopper Andy

Southern Grasshoppers 2018

"Let Me See..."

Grasshoppers Ask Interesting Questions

Ving Chun Master Kevin Earle Gives Interesting Answers

A teacher's answer to the question of a pupil ought to be clear and definite thereupon

it ought to be accepted as a key for resolution of doubts and a basis for decision.

If mistrustful or unintelligent questioning is oft repeated it implies doubt & disbelief.

The teacher would do well to ignore such questioning in silence

for a pupil with a full cup cannot be taught. I Ching (circa 2000 BC)

"There is no such thing as a stupid question - Until it's been asked three times." Kevin Earle


Q: Sifu. What is the name of the first form?   A: The Character Two Adduction Stance

Q: Sifu, should I do Siu Nim Tao for one hour?  A: Yes

Q: Master Kevin, how long should I spend on Siu Nim Tao?  A: How long have you got Grasshopper?

Q: Master Kevin, How long should I do the form for?  A: Until you are finished

Q: Sifu Kevin, which movement is the most important movement in Siu Nim Tao?  A: The one you are doing in the moment


Q: I can't come to training, I have a broken leg  A: It's not contageous, get to training!

Q: Sifu Kevin, my wife says I spend to much time at training and I'm unsure what to do  A: Get a new wife 

Q: Sifu Kevin, I have a question   A: Have you asked your Instructor?

Q" Sifu Kevin Why do my knees hurt when I stand in the correct stance   A: Your stance is incorrect

Q: Chi sau, is it sticky hands or sticking hands?   A: Hmm. Good question. Sticky or sticking. Your homework is to think on that, and give me your answer tomorrow

Q: Should I be training every day?   A: That's a very good question. Come back next week and tell me what you think

Q: Master K, what is the difference between gaan sau and kwan sau?   A: Gaan comes from on top, kwan from beneath

Q: Master K, I get confused between gaan sau and kwan sau. How can I tell them apart?  A: That's a very interesting question - what do you think?

Q: Sifu, my training partners are to big and strong for me, how can I overcome them?  A: Stop using muscular force

Q: Master, I am much stronger than (him/her) but I cannot overcome them.   A: Yes you are strong but you lack power

Q: Is my breathing important?   A: Well, if you don't breathe you will die

Q: Is there a special way to breathe in Ving Chun?   A: Yes! In and out. Now repeat

Q: Instructor Kev, how far should I move?   A: Only as far as necessary

Q: Instructor Kevin, How far should I move?   A: As far as is necessary

Q: Sifu, how far should I move?   A: Far enough

Q: Sifu Kev why haven't you told us (that) before?   A: I have said it many times, but you were absent 

Q: Sifu Kev, my arm won't do tahn sau properly.  A: Who's in charge?


Q: Master Kev, is there more than one punch in Ving Chun?   A: Yes

Q: Master Kevin. There is only one punch in Ving Chun?   A: Yes

Q: Master Kev, how many punches are there in Ving Chun?   A: How many do you need?

Q: Instructor Kevin, can you describe the correct way to do the Ving Chun straight punch?   A: Yes I can

Q: Sifu Kevin, What is the correct method to do the Ving Chun straight punch?   A: With your elbow

Q: Sifu. How do we punch in Ving Chun?   A: Make a wrist, not a fist

Q: How should I punch?   A: With your fist


Q: Instructor Kevin, What is the fighting range?   A: As far away as possible

Q: Sifu, I have read that there are five ranges of fighting, seven ranges of fighting, three ranges... how many are there?

 A: One range. It's called fighting. If you are not fighting, then you are in not-fighting range.

Q: Sifu Kevin, We are going to a bar on Friday night and my girlfriends ex will be there and I know he wants to bash me. What should I do?   A: Give her back.  No, but seriously what can I do?   A: I don't know I won't be there

Q: Sifu Kevin. I got into a fight on the weekend and I did (this action). Did I do the right thing?   A: I don't know I wasn't there

Q: Sifu Kevin - Can you use your chi to render someone unconscious without touching them?   A: If I can snatch a breath of air with my hand, I can do what you ask

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