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Sifu Kevin, what is the meaning of the saying "Kungfu is a way of life"? How can one live this kungfu way of life in the modern world?

What does it mean? Well, I will begin by stating what I believe it doesn't mean. I don't believe that one must become a Buddhist, or shave one’s head, or live in a monastery, or wear yellow robes, or learn the Chinese language, recite mantras, sit facing a wall or that type of thing to live a kungfu lifestyle.


I do believe it means to instil kungfu principles into ones habits.


For example; In training one learns to use good posture. One should carry that posture over into everyday living, not leave it behind in class.


One is taught to face the enemy square on, yet learns to be flexible, and that is how one should deal with daily affairs.


With Wing Chun one learns to relax - so one should use that skill to let go of the stresses one may be faced with in other areas of day to day living.


One learns to treat their training partners with respect; therefore one should equally respect all persons they interact with in their daily life.


Such principles are developed through regularity, so one must practise daily to instil good habits.


And above all one must have loyalty.


Those, for me, are some examples of what it means to live a kungfu lifestyle.

Kevin Earle


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