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Technical Advisor - Earle's Academy Ving Chun Kuen

Australasian Ving Chun Kuen Instructors Association

Studying & Promoting Wing Chun


Kevin Earle is a true pioneer of Ving Chun Kuen (Wing Chun), being the first to publicly teach the art in New Zealand (circa 1972), and his dedication to studying and teaching Ving Chun spans fifty years. His formal studies in Ving Chun were with Master CHOY Siu Kwong (Greg Tsoi), a student of the Great GrandMaster IP Man (Yip Man) in Hong Kong.


Kevin has traveled overseas to study and consult with some of the worlds leading exponents of the art as well as hosting various martial art Masters in New Zealand. He has given public demonstrations of Ving Chun, produced videos for the promotion of Ving Chun, manufactured training equipment, and has had numerous articles published in martial art magazines.


Kevin is founder as well as a Technical Advisor to the Australasian Ving Chun Kuen Instructors Association (& the associated VCK Sports Association) in which he continues to play an active role advising instructors, conducting workshops, and promoting the art of Wing Chun in general.

Supporting Chinese Martial Arts


During 1978-79 Kevin was an elected representative on the (then) New Zealand Martial Arts Council organised by the Ministry of Recreation and Sport. He was the representative for the South Island Chinese martial arts on that Council. He later represented the former New Zealand Chinese Martial Arts International Wu-Shu Council, (now the New Zealand Kung-Fu WuShu Federation) during its establishment. He has been a permanent lifetime member of the prestigious Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association since 1994.

Promoting The Wider Wing Chun Community


Although he has very firm ideas on Wing Chun training methods and principles and how they should be practiced, he has always encouraged students to think and explore for themselves, and to develop their own individual strengths and abilities. ("A teacher's role is to open doors, not lock them." - Kevin Earle)


So it is with his encouragement and support that many of his students have trained in Australia, Hong Kong, and China, with such diverse Wing Chun personalities as William Cheung, Jim Fung, Wong Sheung Leung and Chu Shong Tin, to name a few; and a number of his students now run their own Wing Chun schools.

Practical Application Of Wing Chun

Kevin has many years of practical security/crowd control experience in the hospitality industry as a Doorman in various dance halls, night clubs, and hotels, as well as training many who work in that industry. Indeed many owe their start in that industry to his guidance, his instruction, and his personal recommendation. Now in his seventies and recently retired from working in hospitality he continues to train door staff and security personnel. He continues to teach (privately), and host workshops on Ving Chun.


With a part-time career as a "Bouncer" (Doorman) spanning more than fifty years and five decades studying and teaching Ving Chun, Kevin is well qualified to teach and write about the practicality & the technical aspects of Ving Chun Kuen, the Art Of Invincibility.

(SEE Hospitality Experience)


Sifu Kevin acknowledges


"Sifu Greg, for unlocking doors in my mind, and for his patience."


"Master Beau Bouzaid, for his unswerving loyalty and friendship, and also for his questionings and promptings which encouraged me to 'think' about my Wing Chun. He continues to inspire me to this day."


"Jimmy Fung, for extending the hand of friendship, and encouraging me to return to classroom teaching and expand Earle's Academy."


Susana Ho & Y.C. Yueng for visiting with us and so freely sharing of their knowledge and expertise.


"Charles and Yvonne Roebuck, Timaru. It was Charles's interest that got me traveling to Timaru to teach. And it was through Charles's efforts that Earle's Wing Chun Academy became available to Honty, Brian Finn, Awatea, and all the guys down there. Without Charles's organisational efforts, Yvonne's cooking, and always a bed, I would not have met so many fine people.


"My wife Raewyn, for her patience, loyalty, and support through life's storms."

- Kevin Earle


Best Ving Chun Wooden Dummy Training Manual


WARNING! This is more than "just a book" about the wooden dummy.

This is a training manual. A manual of ideas, imagination, concepts and principles; of drills and methods.

Chock full of technical information & practical drills that you might benefit from regardless of your skill level, or lineage. I do not ask you to discard prior teachings, change your forms, or alter your method to put the drills into practice. They are unrestricted by style or lineage or belief. Drills that will not only compliment your forms but give you valuable ideas on how you might use your wooden dummy to refine them.

Through sharing these ideas I hope to stimulate your imagination that you might construct your own journey via this unique training tool, the wooden man dummy of Ving Chun Kuen

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