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"If by the weight of my reasoning I convince one person or many that Wing Chun truly is invincible, I have failed;

for the real understanding can only be owned through "hard work", not by the conviction of others." - Kevin Earle.

After many years of analytical study and practise of Wing Chun I came to the personal realization that Wing Chun is Invincible. Like trying to grasp the very "essence" of Wing Chun the concept of Invincibility is difficult to comprehend. It is an understanding that cannot be bought or sold; one simply grows into it. At least, that is how it was with me.


I cannot pinpoint the exact moment that I came to this realization; rather, the idea slowly dawned like the breaking of day or the rise and fall of the tide. It just is.


Wing Chun is Invincible. I can present one with the idea, but most likely one will be deceiving oneself if they just seize the idea and go about believing that they are invincible because they practise Wing Chun. It would be better for them if they had never heard of the idea of invincibility.


This idea of Invincible Wing Chun is now my idea. I have earned it through hours of study and practise and so I have made it my own. Yet it is by no means my original idea;

  • "When one climbs a mountain, there is a higher mountain; when one climbs the Wing Chun mountain, there is none higher." -Ancient Wing Chun saying.

  • "Wing Chun Has No Invincible Technique." -Buick Yip. (Meaning – there is no technique that is invincible to Wing Chun).

  • "Chinese Martial Art Maintains its Invincible Power, Wing Chun Passed Down Through Direct Lineage" - Buick Yip.

  • "Under heaven the tan sao is invincible". - Ancient Wing Chun saying. (by implication, meaning Wing Chun is invincible.)

  • "... the perfect kung fu of Wing Chun.... is considered to be flawless...the combination (manoeuvering effects) of the three forms...will mean an invincible martial art." - Chu Shong Tin

  • "Of old the expert in battle would first make himself Invincible and then wait for his enemy to expose his vulnerability." - Sun Tzu

  • "Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack." - Sun Tzu

Although I have acquired a profound understanding of the concept of Invincibility I know that is merely the beginning and that I still have a long journey ahead. On that note I feel it appropriate to finish with some insight from Don Juan - words that may inspire one on their Wing Chun journey:


"Impeccability begins with a single act that has to be deliberate, precise and sustained. If that act is repeated long enough, one acquires a sense of unbending intent which can be applied to anything else. If that is accomplished the road is clear. One thing will lead to another until the warrior realizes his full potential". - Don Juan, Castaneda

Invincible Ving Chun Kuen In New Zealand

The system of Chinese boxing known as Wing Chun Kuen has a colourful history indeed. Named after the lady (Yim) Wing Chun, combined with the third character, 'Kuen' (Fist), Wing Chun Kuen means 'Fist of Wing Chun', or, the 'Fighting Fist of Wing Chun'.


In Hong Kong it was also called 'Lightning Hands Kung Fu', so named after Sifu Choy Siu Kwong's  Wing Chun brother and training partner, Sifu Derek Fung; while in some quarters it was known as 'Gangster Fist'.


Kevin Earle's keen interest in the art of Wing Chun led to him establishing the first Chinese martial art school in New Zealand. Never faltering in his passion for the art, his personal training has led him to the conclusion that Wing Chun is more than a 'Fighting Fist'; he concludes it truly is invincible.


Using the English spelling favored by his teacher, Kevin now prefers to describe the art of 'Ving Chun Kuen', as the 'Art of Invincibility'.

"A true warrior knows that no man is invincible and trains accordingly;

neither contesting nor comparing the true warrior attains invincibility because he or she contests with nothing".

Kevin Earle (paraphrasing Morihei Ueshiba; founder of Aikido)

WARNING!This is more than "just a book" about the wooden dummy. This is a training manual.

A manual of ideas, imagination, concepts and principles; of drills and methods.

Chock full of technical information & practical drills that you might benefit from regardless of your skill level, or lineage. I do not ask you to discard prior teachings, change your forms, or alter your method to put the drills into practice. They are unrestricted by style or lineage or belief. Drills that will not only compliment your forms but give you valuable ideas on how you might use your wooden dummy to refine them.

Through sharing these ideas I hope to stimulate your imagination that yo​u might construct your

own journey via this unique training tool, the wooden man dummy of Ving Chun Kuen

EARLE'S VING CHUN circa 1975

EARLE'S VING CHUN circa 1979

EARLE'S VING CHUN circa 1989



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