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Series of interviews in which Wing Chun Master Kevin Earle gives honest and often entertaining answers to some interesting questions.....

Part 1 .... Sifu Kevins beginnings in Wing Chun with insights into his training with Sigung Choy Siu Kwong


Part 2 .... Sifu Kevin answers more questions about those early years in Wing Chun; talks about his training with Sifu Beau Bouzaid; comments on stick fighting and his involvement in the introduction of Doces Pares Escrima into New Zealand.


Part 3 .... More about Sifu Beau Bouzaid; Sifu Kevins views on Justice versus the Law; and his views on Kungfu as a "Way of Life".


Part 4 ... Sifu Kevin answers questions about Mastery; Real kungfu; and the essence of life.


Part 5 ... more about Choy Siu Kwong, Chu Shong Tin, YC Yeung (Yun-choi Yeung), Zopa Gyatso, Tony Bardakos, Lineage and seniorority; Bruce Lee, William Cheung and the "Tigers of Junction Street".


Part 6 .....And then ...Just when you thought you knew it all... more about Bruce Lee, William Cheung, and the Robert Hendricks, Ian Protheroe, Earle's Academy connection - & wooden dummy training


"The Form" - "NEW must read: An insightful and inspirational view into the incredible depth of Sil Nim Tao - this is a must read!

"21 Years in Wing Chun" - Sifu Red remembers his first contact with Wing Chun.

"Finding Wing Chun" - Sifu Awatea - his beginning in the Art that has taken him into China, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong.

"Invincible Ving Chun" - About the art of Invincibility.

"KungFu History" - Dispelling a myth and recounting some real Kungfu facts & history.

"KungFu Lifestyle" - How can one live a Kungfu lifestyle?

"Legend Of Wing Chun" -Ving Chun is simply defined.

"Little Ideas" .. frequently updated; thoughtful and inspirational ideas from members.

"Memories" ... a Wing Chun Sifu shares his impressions of his training days with Sifu Kevin.

"Schoolboy Interview" ... over 25 years ago a schoolboy interviewed Sifu Kevin.

"Sifu Net" ... Sifu Net And The Wing Chun Riddle. A must read.

"Siu Nim Tao" - Sifu Beau gives this followup to his 2011 workshops in NZ.

"Treasure Lost" ... the remarkable life of Huloo Loo-Chi Hu. 2 videos & articles.

"Wing Chun History" ... A legendary history of Wing Chun Kuen.

"Wing Chun History NZ" ... The real history of Wing Chun in New Zealand

"Wing Chun Master" ...only known interview with Wing Chun GrandMaster Choy Siu Kwong

"Women In Wing Chun" ... The 'First Lady' of Wing Chun - Karen Armstrong

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