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Principal Instructor

Earle's Academy Ving Chun Kuen


Clay Earle is a 3rd generation Master

Yip Man lineage Wing Chun Kung Fu



Choy Siu Kwong

Kevin Earle

Clay Earle

  • Member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (Hong Kong)

  • Master & Principal Instructor at Earle’s Academy Ving Chun Kuen

  • Technical Advisor Australasian Ving Chun Kuen Instructors Association

Trained by his father since childhood in the art of Wing Chun, during four decades of personal research and development Clay has attended numerous courses of study with leading practitioners of the art & acknowledges

  • Master Beau Bouzaid of Hsiao Loong Kung Fu

  • Master Jim Fung of the International Wing Chun Academy

  • Sifu Susana Ho, HCH Wing Chun Academy

  • Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin
    for the very valuable role they have played in his development.

Martial Skills: In addition to his mastery of Wing Chun, since the age of ten Clay has actively participated in numerous other methods ranging from weaponry (including knives, batons & firearms) through to wrestling & grappling.


Experienced In Defence & Security: Clay is well versed in methods of: control & restraint; crowd control; maintaining safety & security of personnel; containing incidents that jeopardise safety & security; controlling incidents with use of defensive equipment; defence of people by using firearms; maintaining security during escorts; etc.... All skills which have been honed with extensive hands-on practical front-line experience in

Hospitality Security +++ Static & Mobile Security +++ Correctional Facilities

Teaching Wing Chun +++ Conducting Workshops


Corrective Services Academy (NSW Australia)

Certificate 111 in Correctional Practice

Certificate of Proficiency (Custodial Corrections)

The Cobra Group (Australia)

Train the Trainer

Canterbury College of Natural Medicine

Diploma in Massage Therapy

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