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Archived "Little Ideas" 2013

updated 09.12.2012 - A quote from Episode 28 of the 'Kungfu" television Series. Young Caine: Master, must I always serve the law? Master Kan: Hear the law; serve justice.


07.01.2013 - JET LI - "I never say to myself I'm the best fighter in the world. If someone learns martial arts solely to pick fights on the street, to lean on it as a keystone weapon in conflicts, to use it to bully and intimidate others - then that person, in my opinion, cannot be considered a true martial artist"


updated 04.05.2013 - "Sifu ling jin men, xiuxing zai geren" - "The Master opens the door, the student must enter on his own". Your Sifu, your coach, provides the opportunity; he points the way, but he cannot make the journey for you. - Kevin Earle


03.07.2013 - submitted by Jamie Staples: 

Empty sword (Learn to make the far come near).

This is the same state as that of " no sword.".

If the mind is empty, and not fixed on a particular set of circumstances such as near or far,

one can act spontaneously and bring every attack into one's own sphere. by Yagyu Renya

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