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value loyalty above all else

Kevin Earle - Ving Chun Kungfu

Red reddington - the Blacklist

Perseus - Greek hero, son of Zeus

Donald Trump - US President

"I did find that loyalty was the most important thing."

Admiral Richard E. Byrd Antarctic Explorer

EARLE'S ACADEMY - circa 1989 seminar with Instructor Beau,

promoting Jimmy and Karen Armstrongs 'blue' book "Wing Chun Kung-Fu".

Top four L to R -  Red; Max Blumenthal; Rapheal Stowers;

Middle group - below Rapheal in white T is Leigh Jenkins;

Below Leigh Jenkins in blue T is Hugh Puttock;

Below Hugh Puttock in white tops Martin Cook (L)  Edward Benton (R)

Front right standing Instructor Beau;

over Beau's shoulder in white T is Jason Kotara;

Front Row (L) Awatea Edwin  & on the (R) is  Luke Earle

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